2022 is gonna be fun!

2022 is gonna be fun!

I fell in love with reading books at the beginning of 2015, when I was taking a gap year after eight months in law school. I was really young then, young and disoriented - as it is characteristic of that age, I was trying to figure out something big to make something grand out of my own interior chaos. And we can all state that it's probably one of the hardest things to do in life. In modern life, at least.

With confidence, I can say that I couldn't sort out my confusion, but I got something pretty cool out of it, and that was a new, fresh, and burning passion: reading books. The first book that I read, and that made me fall in love with literature, was "Crime and Punishment", and since that moment I have been hungry for great stories crowded with passionate people who can move something inside of me - inside of my soul. I've never been a traveler, perhaps not until recently, but I've been a vagabond for beauty since 2015, since the day I started to see books as something way more glorious than just ink and paper.

This is a random introduction I'm writing as I'm constantly casting a glance at the garden out of my apartment; it's a nice winter day, the air is warm and filled with the smell of new beginnings, and the sky is smeared with gauzy clouds. A day too nice to be wasted inside, but I have an urge to write and I can't disregard it!  

So, here I am trying to write something logically well-written and meaningful about the books I'm planning on reading this year. Before listing them, though, I'd like to mention a detail that I've been intentionally omitting even to myself for long. I thought I lost my passion for books a few years ago, when I was reading infrequently, and my thirst for stories couldn't be quenched in any way possible. It happened around 2019 and continued until 2021. I've started to pick up my adorable books again recently when I found out what was going on. The truth is that I hadn't felt myself for many years. In fact, I quit law school because I couldn't feel at ease between huge manuals of laws, terms, and vast notions. After doing that, I started to look around to find something on which I could reflect my own soul - and I found it, it was literature. Now, what happened in 2019? I simply burnt out, my passion got trapped in the vortex of likes and shares on Instagram, and I literally sold my own self to the fear of the future. For a while, I even stopped believing in the power of words, stories, beauty, and art, because the horizon was simply too dim to be imagined. I was a sad person, then, because that wasn't me. Recently, I had the chance to make a few experiences, very simple experiences actually, which led me to a sort of epiphany - I'm using this word just because I like being sophisticated sometimes! - that I was in need of. I talked to myself and said that it can't be possible to lose a passion. It can get stuck somewhere but it has to come back at some point - just like a boomerang. I told myself that I had to feed it as if it was a plant, a pet, or a love. In fact, passions are alive and they need us to be there, be active, and above all be true to ourselves.

Feeding my passion for books didn't mean to find tricks to read more - I simply picked up a book that I was drawn to, and instead of paddling I started to row. Now I love to pay more attention to the words chosen by an author, to all the small details that make a scene tremendously glorious, and that's when I also started to see all the lights and shades portrayed in a story or the infinite colors of the sky magnifically described. I've never liked to limit myself, but I did. I did it so many times and I can say that it was a waste of time! Now I want to push myself forward because I was born to gush out, not to implode. I want to bloom, not to burn.

So, here are some of the books I promise myself to read this year in the name of my passion:

  1. "A room with a view" by E. M. Forster
  2. "Resurrection" by L. Tolstoy
  3. "The star rover" by J. London
  4. "A sportsman's notebook" by I. Turgenev
  5. "Desert solitaire" by E. Abbey
  6. "Gente del sud" by R. Mastrolonardo
  7. "Il bell'Antonio" by V. Brancati
  8. "Everett Ruess" by W. Rusho
  9. "The woodlanders" by T. Hardy
  10. "Moby Dick" by H. Melville
  11. "One-hundred years of solitude" by G. G. Marquez
  12. "The Brothers Karamazov" by F. Dostoevsky  

To conclude, I just wanted to share my excitement with you: I'm starting college really soon and I'm so happy about it! While I'm taking classes and learning new things, though, I'll continue this blog and I'll be here to feed my passion and to be fed by it! Now more than ever, I feel my dreams, my skills, and my whole being worthy! It would be a pleasure to keep cherishing these small beautiful things together, my reader! Are you on board with me?

Jan 12, 2021