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What is “Yates In The Space”?

In 2016, I launched this blog – Yates In The Space – to talk about the books I read. Over time, though, I made it into a more personal notebook, where I jot down my thoughts and share some episodes of my life with you.

In the past three years, I found out to love American literature quite a lot. Before then, Russian literature was in the first place. As a reader, I’m enchanted by stories that reveal a side of America I can't see all the time. I find realism in books very engaging, therefore I have a thing for those American authors who don’t refuse to give voice to every corner of the country. Tennessee Williams, Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Jack London, Richard Yates, Henry David Thoreau, Jack Kerouac, John Steinbeck – they all have quenched my thirst for America many times. From my bedroom in Italy, I could dream about strolling around in a big city on the East coast or wandering in the dry hills of Southern California. Anywhere I went through their books, I never felt alone.

Who's hiding behind the posts?

Self-portrait (2020)

My name is Sara and I consider myself a "busy pale kid". I'm twenty years old and something, I'm from Italy where I was born and raised, then I moved to the United States in May 2021. Now I get to stroll in a big city of the West coast for real, and thanks to Mr. Steinbeck I was spoilered a few sights, but nothing is as powerful as meeting beauty with your own eyes. In my spare time, besides reading good books and blabbering about them, I also paint and draw – my favorite models to portray are wild animals. I'm inspired by the nature I get to see in the United States, and this inspiration is also leading me to college, where I want to learn to speak and write better and to grow culturally and mentally. My goal is to study something that allows me to combine my love for nature and art.

Why "Yates In The Space"?

The title comes from a random idea I got one day. Back then, when I was about to launch this blog, my favorite author was undoubtedly Richard Yates. At that time, I was also amazed by my brother's biggest passion, which is space and astronomy. One day, I spontaneously came up with the words Yates and space, which sound quite similar if put next to one another. This is pretty much how I got the title of my blog.  

Richard Yates

How to use this blog?

Can we even say that there's a way to use this blog? Perhaps there's not, but I would like to stress two points: 1) this is a personal blog, where you get to read very simple and personal reasonings written in basic English – it is not a blog full of real and reasoned criticism; 2) nowadays, I'm using this blog especially to practice English, in fact my older posts are in Italian – I won't delete them because I spent a lot of time and energy on preparing them, and I guess they have the right to stay there and have another chance to be read.

Anyway, if you've reached this point, I want to thank you for reading me and being curious – and patient as well. I'm hopeful that what you find here will be pleasant and interesting! My intention is to keep discovering America through books and life, to take a piece of that and bring it here through my words.

Though, I don't want to limit myself only to this – America may be my new home now, but that's not the only one I belong to! Expect this blog to be shaped in different ways every day!